UDPATE: Lifeguard Fired for Saving a Life Offered His Job Back

The company screwed up, looks for a way to get unscrewed.

On Thursday the Jeff Ellis Management Company, which has the contract to provide lifeguards for Hallandale Beach’s two beaches and municipal pool, said they were hasty in the firing of 21-year old Tomas Lopez on Monday and that at the time did not have all the facts.  When Lopez was dismissed, Ellis company officials said his actions had created liability issues and he should not have left his patrol area.  Now owner Jeff Ellis said they were operating under mis-information and the beach was, in reality, always covered and the lifeguards did what they were trained to do.

After Lopez was fired, three other lifeguards quit in protest and two others were also terminated.  Since then three more lifeguards quit.  All of the original six have been offered their jobs back, according to Ellis.  All six said have said ‘thanks but no thanks’, they’re not interested.


Hard to blame them. What a stupid company.

Its contract with the city expires this year. It’s a safe bet the contract won’t get renewed.


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