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Why is Harry Reid Threatening to Make Congress Work Through the Weekend?

Reid spent Monday threatening to make senators work on Saturday. I’d prefer if the whole lot left town more or less permanently, but that’s just me.

Reid threatened to keep senators in Washington through the weekend to finish up work on the transportation bill and the student loan bill. Both programs expire after June 30 unless Congress acts.

“I’m putting my colleagues on notice,” Reid said on the Senate floor Monday. “The Senate will stay as long as we have to, into the weekend if necessary, to complete this substantial workload.

“We hope there will be cooperation – not only in this body but also in the House of Representatives,” Reid continued. “I alert everyone that we have a lot to do.”

Smell a rat? Besides the one quoted?

Why can’t Obama just wave his presidential wand and grant the student loan relief? That’s exactly what he is planning to do…

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