What Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina Taught Mike Taylor

Do a Google search of “Mike Taylor” and “Montana.” The top result is a notorious smear ad that ran 10 years ago when Democrat Jon Tester ran against Republican Mike Taylor for Senate.


The ad’s bouncy porn sound track and closing shot with the tag line “Not the way we do business here in Montana” make it one of the most homophobic ads to ever run in a serious political contest. Jim Messina, President Obama’s current campaign manager, created that ad and pitched it to Tester, who loved it immediately. Tester is currently one of Montana’s senators.

Ten years later, the ad is still dogging Mike Taylor, despite the fact that he is entirely out of politics. He is a competitive marksman, and Business Week tracked him down at the European Championships in Portugal and asked him about that 10-year-old ad. Taylor’s response tells us quite a bit about the Obama man who smeared him a decade ago, and continues to smear him every time anyone Google searches him connected to his home state:

I found out quickly from Messina, than there was no honor in politics, as there was in the business world. Half truths and misconception will be the rule of the day for this coming campaign based on my experience. Rather than actual voting records and positions if it follows Messina’s normal model of campaigns.

Mike Taylor


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