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Why are Virginia Taxpayers Giving the Washington Redskins $6 Million?

A fight is brewing over Virginia’s decision to give the Washington Redskins $6.5 million in “incentives” to move training camp to Richmond.  The Washington Post:

Virginia’s top legislative budget-writing and oversight panel questioned Gov. Bob McDonnell’s administration on Monday for brokering $6.5 million in incentives to keep the Washington Redskins’ headquarters and training facilities in the state.

Republicans and Democrats grilled senior administration officials for an hour Monday, asking repeatedly and without success that they validate claims that the wealthy team would leave its massive Loudoun County complex without the incentives.

The Redskins are owned by the wildly unpopular Daniel Snyder. (The reasons he is unpopular are too numerous to list here, click this A to Z guide for more.)  They currently have their training facilities and offices in Ashburn, Virginia.  The headquarters being housed in Virginia facilitates assaults on residents of the Commonwealth by Redskins such as Albert Haynesworth.

Though unpopular, Snyder is a savvy dealer.  And it looks like he took Virginia for a ride.  There was next to zero chance the Redskins were going to leave the Ashburn facility.  But the mere threat seems to have produced a $6.5 million dollar handout from the hardworking citizens of Virginia to a billionaire NFL owner.   Snyder’s bluff worked.