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"Research Study": Don't Hire the Guy with the Stay-at-Home Wife

A reader sent me a link to an SSRN paper entitled: “Marriage Structure and Resistance to the Gender Revolution in the Workplace” that suggests men who have stay-at-home wives are “harming women in the workplace”:

In this article, we examine a heretofore neglected pocket of resistance to the gender revolution in the workplace: married male employees who have stay-at-home wives. We develop and empirically test the theoretical argument suggesting that such organizational members, compared to male employees in modern marriages, are more likely to exhibit attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are harmful to women in the workplace. To assess this hypothesis, we conducted four studies with a total of 718 married, male participants.

Though the authors purport that it would be unfair to “control the marriage status of men” (heck, at least they have the good sense to try and cover up their prejudice towards men), by stating “Clearly, organizations should not seek to control the marital status of their male employees, for example, by means of selection. To do so would be unjust, likely illegal, and perhaps, bad business,”  the reader is still left with the eery feeling that the authors would love their diversity center in all organizations that just happened to agree with their analysis–get rid of those “Neanderthal” married men with stay- at-home wives!

Can you imagine a university or journal allowing a similar article out that talked about single women’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are harmful to men in the workplace setting? No, neither can I. But they exist without mention.