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Wife of Frequently Confused Old Man Insults Her Students on the Colbert Report

Second Lady Jill Biden may be every bit the gaffe master that her husband is. Appearing on the Colbert Report last night, Mrs. Biden insulted the intellects of her own students.

BIDEN: Actually, many of my students don’t know that I’m Second Lady of the United States.
COLBERT: Really?
BIDEN: No, really, because it’s a community college, they’re working… (audience erupts in laughter)…(waves hands) I don’t mean it that way… (laughter continues)
COLBERT: The Secret Service guys in the front row don’t tip them off?

Mrs. Biden tries digging herself out of the gaffe, excusing her working students for not having enough time to watch enough TV to know who she is outside the classroom.

Update: Watch the video at the link, and then read this Politico report on Jill Biden’s gaffe. Politico completely airbrushes it to make it sound as if Mrs. Biden was being humble, not saying the kind of thing we expect to hear from her husband.