Hmm: Obama Lit Agent Has Repped Weatherman Terrorist Mark Rudd Since 1980s

Jane Dystel, Barack Obama’s literary agent from 1990 until 2004, has represented former fugitive and Weatherman terrorist Mark Rudd from some point in the late 1980s until today. Rudd has published two books: the 1990 memoir Truth and Consequences: The Education of Mark Rudd, and 2009’s Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen.


In 2009, Dystel posted the following to the Dystel & Goderich Literary Management blog:

I absolutely love seeing that final book and the thrill of the author as he or she holds it in his or her hand. Just the other night, Mark Rudd whom I have known and worked with since the mid ‘80s celebrated the publication of UNDERGROUND and I was able to see his joy and feel the thrill of being a part of this achievement.

As Team Breitbart discovered and published last week, from 1991 until 2007 Dystel employed a promotional biography for Obama that claimed he was born in Kenya. The biography had been edited several times during that period, but the statement regarding his birthplace was not altered until after Obama declared himself a candidate for the presidency.

Yesterday, I noted here that the 1990 New York Times article about then-Harvard Law student Obama — which reportedly spurred Dystel to seek out Obama as a client — stated that Obama was born in Hawaii, the implication being that both Dystel and, of course, Obama were likely aware of the inaccuracy of the Kenya claim when they first used it.

Does Obama’s former agent’s professional relationship with Rudd — which according to her predates her relationship with Obama — suggest taking a further look at the timeline of this pivotal moment in Obama’s life?


Who introduced whom to whom, and when? When did Obama meet Bill Ayers?

This I don’t know, yet I do know that Rick Perry had a close brush with a racist rock in the early 1980s that may or may not have involved seeing it; that Congressman Darrell Issa, lead investigator of Fast and Furious, works from an office suspiciously close to land that once was a golf course, giving him an excellent taxpayer-funded view should he also have access to that wormhole thing from Contact; that Ann Romney totally digs horses, and horses are expensive, man; that John McCain was friends with a woman (a woman!); that 150 years ago some Mormons committed murder and Mitt Romney is a Mormon; that Sarah Palin utilizes an email account; and that George Allen said “Macaca,” the Slur That You Dare Not Speak As You Are Not Familiar With Its Usage Or Existence.

In related news, CNN has recorded its worst ratings in two decades.


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