War on Conservative Women: Day Two of NOW's Silence on Hustler

S.E. Cupp appeared on The View today to discuss the Hustler fake explicit photoshop of her. Here’s the video, from which there are two pieces of actual news. One, the only conservative on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, called up the National Organization of Women to get a statement or reaction from them. They didn’t take her call and haven’t said boo about this disgusting attack yet. Why didn’t famed journalist Barbara Walters call them up? Two, Cupp probably doesn’t have a case to sue Flynt, which is unfortunate but not surprising. Flynt has been involved in media and speech cases in the past, and certainly knows where the constitutional, if not moral, lines are. He’s a piece of slime who knows the law and has enough money to buy sharp lawyers.


It’s good that The View had S.E. on, and good that they took the stand that they’ve taken. Not that there was much choice in the matter; Flynt’s actions are about as lows as things get, revealing more about his base character than anything about anyone or anything else. He makes Gawker look responsible and classy sometimes. It is odd that they had S.E. in the audience instead of giving her a chair at the table. Leaving her in the audience reinforces Cupp is and, as long as that image is online anywhere, will always be the victim of one of the sickest figures in America.

I wonder, has the president called S.E. yet?


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