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MarketWatch's Rex Nutting Joins The Cherry Pickers Union To Cover For Obama On Spending

Rex Nutting at MarketWatch is in full Obama advocacy mode, contending that the president isn’t really a big spender.

The Lefty sites are taking this and running with it because-HEY-Politifact checked it and said it’s kinda/sorta true!

But it’s 2012 now and we no longer have to rely on faux journalists for truth and verification, so Political Math gives it a reality check.

It would seem that Mr. Nutting was a bit, shall we say, selective in deciding which data from Fiscal Year 2009 (the transition FY from Bush to Obama) made his case. Obama gets credit for any FY 2009 that’s favorable and Bush gets credit for any that’s not. Bipartisanship!

Here is the most stunning contrast that Political Math points out. This Obama jobs chart gets sent to me countless times a week from my friends on the left who are on a Hope and Change IV:

He’s magic, right?

If you remove Nutting’s cherry-picking approach and give Bush credit for FY ’09 the chart gets quite a makeover:

Messaging has long been a problem for the GOP and conservatives. However, there are people who can use their words and pictures on our side now to get the point across and Political Math does data visualization like no one I’ve ever met.

As has been pointed out on Twitter (and elsewhere) several times today, let’s hope the RNC takes a step into the 21st century and hires this guy.