Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell: Obama's Bain Attacks 'Very Disappointing'

Add Ed Rendell to the growing list of Democrats who don’t like the Obama campaign’s attacks on capitalism.

“I think they’re very disappointing,” Rendell said of the ads attacking Bain. “I think Bain is fair game, because Romney has made it fair game. But I think how you examine it, the tone, what you say, is important as well.”


Obama’s attacks have exposed the fact that this president and his campaign don’t know much about capitalism. Or fact-checking.

As for Booker, “I admire him,” Rendell said. “People in politics should tell the truth. He could have qualified it better, he could have framed it better, but if you’re in this business, none of us like negative ads.”

Rendell walked the line of criticism carefully enough that he probably won’t have to release his own hostage video.


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