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Thomas Friedman Bombs on Jeopardy

Who knew that an old Weird Al parody would come to describe two of the left’s leading pundits? NYT thumbsucker columnist Thom Friedman was there, to match his intellect, on national TV…and it just wasn’t his night. He heard the answers, but he couldn’t get the questions right-ight-ight.

Friedman must have been nervous for he missed his first two attempts.

With the category “21st Century Lingo,” the answer was, “In 2011, BusinessWeek said European government bonds were this ‘poisonous’ kind of debt.”

Friedman responded, “Sub-prime.” I guess he missed the clue in quotation marks “poisonous.”

The correct response of course was “toxic.”

In the same category moments later, the answer was, “It’s the ‘tiny’ term for a person who writes short posts about one’s personal life on Tumblr or Twitter.”

Once again, the word in quotations marks was the clue, and once again Friedman missed it.

“What is a tweeter?” he replied.

Of course, the answer was “micro-blogger.”

The Pulitzer-winner’s final total: $1,000. Third place out of three. Now we need a loser face-off between Friedman and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.