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California Gets ‘Military-Grade’ Weapons Off the Streets!

CBS reports that police in Colton, California have struck a blow against domestic terrorism and removed dangerous weapons from the streets:

Two people, including a 13-year-old boy, were arrested Friday on suspicion of possessing a military-grade weapon believed to have been stolen…

Three weapons were recovered, including an inert M136 AT4 “LAW” anti-tank weapon, a b.b. [sic] gun rifle and a replica 9mm hand gun, police said.

A M136 AT-4 is “issued as a round of ammunition” and “comes with a disposable fiberglass launcher.” Here’s a picture of a soldier holding a M136 AT-4 that looks nearly identical to the one pictured by CBS, which called the weapon in their picture “inert.” This means the tube was disposed of after firing, and is structurally unsafe for further use. In short, it’s a fiberglass tube.

While a BB rifle can take out an eye, a replica handgun is likely just an inert hunk of plastic.

Colton is about an hour east of Los Angeles, and California has its priorities straight: LA’s sanctuary city policy provides a fertile breeding ground for some of America’s largest Hispanic gangs. But  that’s okay, because California focuses law enforcement resources on real terrorists possessing non-functioning relic weapons that can be legally purchased in gun-hating England.