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Obama's Latest Attack in the War on Religion


CNSNews reports today that the Obama administration is objecting to any attempt to bar same-sex marriage on military property or offer any protection for chaplains who refuse to perform such ceremonies on military property.

The Obama administration “strongly objects” to provisions in a House defense authorization bill that would prohibit the use of military property for same-sex “marriage or marriage-like” ceremonies, and protect military chaplains from negative repercussions for refusing to perform ceremonies that conflict with their beliefs, according to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

This is essentially forcing chaplains to go against their religious beliefs. Redefining the word “tolerance,” it is forced acceptance that they are striving for.

Would an atheist agree to be forced to perform sacred religious ceremonies? It doesn’t seem like it would be asking anything different than they are asking for here. Even the most liberal Christian should be able to see that it is wrong to force others to accept your particular worldview and give up their own religious convictions in the process. What happens when it is your turn to be forced to betray your own beliefs? And believe me, your turn will be coming if we allow this assault to continue.

This is the planned destruction of a foundation of this nation, which is the freedom of religion. All freedom loving Americans must fight this attempt while we still have the option.