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Obama's Campaign Finds Coal in Them Thar Hills

As of this week, the official Obama energy plan did not mention coal at all. This, despite the fact that coal provides 46% of America’s electricity, in 49 states. Any energy plan that does not include coal is not a real energy plan.

Lo and behold. Barack Obama has finally discovered coal.



“Fuel Efficiency” out, “Clean Coal” in.

Aside: “Fuel Efficiency” was supposed to replace coal, which provides 21% of our total energy needs along with almost half of our electricity? And now we don’t care about fuel efficiency at all? That’s an interesting plan.

The Hill blames Republicans for the change:

The Obama campaign added a section on “clean coal” to its website this week after House Republicans alleged that the president’s “all-of-the-above” energy plan neglected the fossil fuel.

“President Obama has set a 10-year goal to develop and deploy cost-effective clean coal technology,” the website now says.

Asked about the change, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said “clean coal” has “been an essential part of the president’s all-of-the-above energy strategy.”

Either it wasn’t part of the president’s plan until he got called on it (and suffered that humiliating near-loss in West Virginia), or those running his official website have no idea what his real policies are. Or they do understand his policies, and design his web site to hide those policies. Which is it?

Update: Obama’s coal discovery could be another “evolution,” which is actually a flip flop. His second of the week.