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Outing Hollywood Conservatives: The New 'Is He Gay?'

That an industry exists in this country wherein holding a majority political persuasion is something to be hidden from scrutiny is not new; indeed, part of PJ Media’s mission is to destroy the liberal stranglehold on Hollywood and news media. Of course the following should not be “something” in any industry, but it still is:

BLIND GOSSIP 04/23 **#2** In Hollywood, it’s popular to be socially liberal and a Democrat. This handsome American actor is an industry leader in supporting Democratic Party candidates. He has donated his time and money and creative fundraising ability to many Democratic causes. However, he has a secret about the way that he votes that only his close friends know. He publicly talks like a Democratic Party loyal. But he actually votes Republican. A lot.

The same nugget appeared elsewhere. With the way rumors spread in Hollywood, this post likely refers to the same guy:

POPBITCH 04/26 Which Hollywood megastar is very keen to keep one story out of the media — that they’ve become a strident, libertarian Neo-Con?

I know, there isn’t actually such thing as a “libertarian Neo-Con”, but at least the author is trying to convey that “the Right” is not a monolithic block of homophobic zombies. Baby steps. Or maybe not. “Libertarian Neo-Con” may just be too stupid to read anything into.

I don’t care what an individual chooses to expose about private belief (recall “the personal is the political”, the liberal fascist chant), and “outing” is pretty repugnant. Nothing wrong with guessing and then going about your day, though. So Robert Downey Jr. is already too well-known as a conservative, and “megastar” generally refers to the Brad Pitt crowd. So … hey, maybe Brad Pitt?