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LEGOs Hypersexualizing Girls? Seriously?

Over at Fox News today we find out the radical feminist movement is now targeting LEGOs.

Their complaint? LEGO put out a new line of toys aimed specifically at young girls which use traditional feminine colors and pastimes rather than spaceships and robots, and instead of the usual blocky LEGO men we have a girl with a dress and fancy hair and slight curves.

The new “LEGO Friends” rolled out in December featuring LadyFigs, curvier takeoffs on the traditional boxy LEGO men. Construction sets include a hot tub, a splash pool, a beauty parlor, an outdoor bakery and a “cool convertible,” as well as an inventor’s workshop.

But the SPARK Movement objects to the “LadyFigs,” the female version of the little figures who man the spaceships, trucks and forts children create. “Ladyfigs” are somewhat anatomically correct, which hypersexualizes girls, according to the group.

“They have little breasts and they have fancy hair,” the organization’s executive director, Dana Edell, told “And it just disturbs us that this is the image that they want girls to see.”

Look, I’ve raised two boys and one girl and I have two little granddaughters. Girls don’t have to be taught to like pretty things, and boys don’t have to be taught to like getting muddy. My eldest granddaughter loves playing with cars, but she likes to do it while wearing the princess outfit her mom can’t get her out of for days at a time.

And hypersexualized? REALLY? Has that idiot really looked at that figure?  I really don’t want to know what goes on (or doesn’t) in her bedroom if she thinks that is sexy.

Once again we have the professionally offended finding ways to mind everyone else’s business. Look, if little girls want to play with that sort of thing they will. If they prefer the boys’ LEGOs they’ll likely steal them from their older/younger brothers — or their preference made clear, mom and dad will buy them regular LEGOs.

Just because a girl plays with traditional girl toys doesn’t mean she’s going to grow up to be barefoot and pregnant and at the mercy of some man she needs like a fish needs a bicycle.

Girls are girls, boys are boys. There are real, fundamental, physical and psychological differences between the sexes and no amount of wishing and hand wringing about toys is going to change that. Nor should we want it to, nitwits like Dana Edell aside.