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Main Fast and Furious Target Was Arrested Three Times Before Agent Terry's Murder

It was already known, as of a few weeks ago, that Acosta had been caught and released once. Fox reports that there were two additional catches and releases:

Manuel Celis-Acosta, the accused ring leader who helped arrange for the purchase and transfer of some 2,000 weapons to the Sinaloa Cartel, including those allegedly used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was stopped April 2, 2010 by Phoenix Police and booked into jail for possession of cocaine. Police also confiscated two handguns.

Both the DEA and ATF were listening to Acosta’s conversations during this time and investigators had actually erected a camera outside Acosta’s home to watch as the illegally purchased guns piled up in his garage.

Ironically, those camera’s [sic] caught Acosta appearing to committ [sic] another crime. Police reports say that six months later October 14, near midnight, Acosta was at home with his father and girlfriend when his mother surprised two men carrying shotguns outside the garage. She screamed. According to police records, Acosta grabbed a gun from his bedroom and ran outside, unloading the entire clip from a .45 caliber handgun at an fleeing green Mustang.

According to a police interview with Acosta that night, “Manuel began running toward the street and as soon as he cleared a small group of palm trees, he closed his eyes and began firing his handgun one handed in the same direction that (his brother Daniel and father Adolfo) were firing.

He was the target, they had evidence of criminal activity on him, yet kept letting him go. Why?