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CBS' Take on the Secret Service’s War on (having to pay) Women

Having just employed their favored excuse *“Bush Did It!” for the GSA’s “Snafu in Sin City” the media had to choose another diversion for the “Secret Service Stiffs Seductress” sex scandal in Brazil. As usual, they could not stray far from their usual motif.

Here is the most telling sentence in CBS’s on-line coverage of the Obama Administration’s Embarrassment of the Week:

“when [Dick Cheney’s daughter] Mary Cheney was under protection, she wanted her agents to take her friends to restaurants. Well, they’re not taxi drivers. They are law enforcement officers, they refused, as they should have, but because of that she got her detail leader removed.”

Of course! It was Cheney, in the billiard room, with the candlestick!

How typical of the major networks – they simply cannot bring themselves to cover an Obama controversy without somehow attempting to deflect it onto the Bush administration. Pit-i-ful.

With the rate and tonnage of scandals coming out of this administration – Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Lightsquared, Obamacare, GSA, etc., etc., etc., Darrell Issa’s office is going to soon merit hazard pay.

*With apologies to the sense and sensibilities of PJM readers, for the link to the Land of KOSmonauts