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Blind as a Gawker Mole

Leftie gossip site Gawker is making news with its infiltration of Fox News by a person they proudly call the “Fox Mole” (whom Fox News has reportedly identified, but not yet confronted):

TV news folk are giddy over the disclosure that a Fox News employee has allied with website Gawker to tell all about what happens behind the scenes at the network. “The Fox Mole,” as Gawker calls the unidentified person, kicked things off yesterday by posting a clip of Mitt Romney chatting with Sean Hannity before an interview

Naturally, the clip is not meant to show Romney in the best light, though one could argue he comes across as removed from the experience of ordinary Americans as a certain arugula-loving, luxury-vacation-prone Democrat president.

It’ll be interesting to see how long the Mole can stay undercover, but most amusing of all are the reasons why he decided to turn against his employer:

The Mole said that he or she decided to tell all after seeing a post on the Fox Nation website last August about a White House celebration for President Obama’s 50th birthday. It showed pictures of the President, Charles Barkley, Chris Rock, and Jay-Z over a headline that read: “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs.” The post “neatly summed up everything that had been troubling me about my employer: Non sequitur, ad hominem attacks on the president; gleeful race baiting; a willful disregard for facts; and so on,” the Fox Mole writes.

Where was this guy during the 8 years of the Bush administration?  And why the focus on Fox News?  It’s almost like he’s never heard of the disregard-the-facts hijinks of Media Matters during their Limbaugh Potemkin-boycott last month, Think Progress in 2010, MSNBC in 2009, or NBC in recent days.

Blind as a mole.  But willfully blind, no doubt.  And certainly not contributing anything too enlightening: the Mole’s latest dispatch can be summed up in a statement any Fox News employee could have made: “I’m still here. Back to work.”

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