'The Constitution is the Ultimate Pre-Existing Condition'

“Please Transmit This Information to Vladimir”

Less Government President Seton Motley’s remarks at Tuesday’s Tea Party Patriots Road to Repeal ObamaCare rally (though he sometimes goes extemporaneous):


“Are these mics hot?

“First, we are very pleased the Supreme Court decided not to wait to hear this case until after the election – when they would have more flexibility.

“Because there is plenty of unconstitutionality on which to rule right now – that cannot wait until more convenient times for ObamaCare proponents.

“The Constitution is the ultimate pre-existing condition.

“The Constitution ascribes the federal government limited, enumerated powers.  Mandating that everyone purchase health insurance is, quite simply, not one of them.

“Neither is a virtual takeover of 1/6th of the economy – the entire health care sector.  Which is what ObamaCare, in its essence, is.

“There are thousands of attacks on our freedom in ObamaCare.  Attacks we’ve uncovered – and attacks not yet unearthed.  Because the Democrats passed ObamaCare over two years ago – and we are still finding out what is in it.

“The First Amendment assault that is President Obama’s abortion pill-birth control mandate demonstrates yet again that ObamaCare, in totality, is an unconstitutional affront to our individual liberty.


“Our right to exist as sovereign, autonomous individuals – and not as subjects of a government collective.

“ObamaCare – and the impudent insolence of those who passed it – gave rise to the Tea Party, Andrew Breitbart’s army, and a whole host of like-minded freedom movements that represent the Great Awakening of the American people.

“We were the Silent Majority – we are no longer silent.

“We believe in our Constitutional government system.  ObamaCare is well outside its bounds.

“It needs to go.”


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