More Media Sleight-of-Hand in Third Grade Sex Scandal?

Light on facts (not to mention ethics) the liberal portion of the main stream media (the other 99%’ers) continue to play judge, jury and executioner in the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Are they going out of their way to portray the triggerman as white, concealing his Latino heritage to inflame racial bias?  Would the agenda-driven media stoop to such sordid levels?


Of course they would.

The most glaring example is the infamous MSNBC edit, wherein they cropped a photo of a black man holding a rifle at an anti-Obama protest and used it in a “conservatives are racists” segment (is there any other kind of segment on MSNBC?)

And this week we have a report by a CBS affiliate involving a teacher in Tallulah, LA, who was fired for not preventing under-the-desk oral sex between two third grade students (no, not a typo; yes, third grade.)

As you can see from the link above or the photo below, the coverage included a photo of a student; a white student.

Only problem is, at least one source says the students were black.

A not-so-subliminal message?  Purposely deceptive?

Maybe with two choices, white or black, they just took a 50-50 shot.  Except for this – according to the school has a black population of 85.3%.


The media intentionally instigating race wars?

Third graders having sex?

Yet another Kardashian television series about to debut on E! ?

I’m not sure about this whole Rapture thing, but I hope it’s not true.  Otherwise, we can’t possibly have too much time left . . .

(Side note – Oddly, I agree with Geraldo Rivera, the hoodie is responsible for what happened to Trayvon Martin.  I also believe the Snuggie kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.)


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