Hey Sandra Fluke, Didja Know that a Target Near Your School Sells the Pill for $9 a Month?

CNS News caught up with activist/law student/aspiring politician Sandra Fluke and asked her a question: Did you know that a Target up the street from your school sells the pill for $9 a month. The answer that comes back is a pitiful attempt at spin.


Fluke said: “So, I’m not familiar with specific department store policies. I know that some generic forms of contraception are less expensive than others and that that has been widely reported. But what has not been widely reported is that many women cannot use those forms of contraception.”

“Women have different types of medical needs that require much more expensive forms,” she said. “One woman contacted me. She was very, very upset that that quote was being emphasized because she has a genetic condition that requires her to use contraception that costs $1,500.”

“So, this is medicine,” said Fluke. “It’s not one-size-fits-all, and while it’s great that some women can access more affordable contraception, contraception needs to be accessible and affordable for all of the women who need all of the different kinds.”

Anecdote does not equal data. Fluke has gone on the record demanding fully subsidized pills for all, not just the few women with difficult cases she keeps referring to. She used cost figures in her congressional testimony that are absurdly high. Shouldn’t she be familiar with store policies within a five-minute drive from the prestigious law school she attends? Is it too much to ask a law student to do her homework before waging war on the taxpayer’s wallet?



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