The PJ Tatler

Buzz Ballad: "The Road We've Traveled"

—apologies to Robert Frost and “The Road Not Taken”

Two visions exist for the public good;
Just one allows for unlimited growth
But some folks, if they had their way, would
Make you believe that if mixed, we could
Benefit and enjoy the best of both;

They say that everything must be “fair,”
By which they mean that the halt and lame
Must be guaranteed they will finish where
The rewards exist for the few who dare—
No matter how much we must crook the game.

The other vision is the more austere;
It says that we all must be free to climb
And each is most equal, and each man’s peer
If each chooses his own way without fear—
And this vision has stood the test of time.

So everyone, share with the citizenry
(There are some among us who might be dense);
Two visions exist for the good, and me—
I favor that which preserves liberty,
And that is how I choose my Presidents.

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