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The Real Game Change: Backstabbers Don't Beat Patriots

Janine Turner watched Game Change (so you don’t have to):

In the movie, the vehemence that spews from Woody Harrelson’s mouth toward Palin represents both his own personal detestation and the reality of the hatred inspired by the man he portrayed, Steve Schmidt. Is Schmidt’s a  passion to protect the country or a passion fueled by ego and vendetta?

Meg Stapleton, senior campaign advisor and spokesperson for McCain-Palin, said in the Hollywood Reporter, “Schmidt is infamous for lining up and destroying. He is abusive. He is abrasive. And he is nothing short of a world-class bully.”


One runs into too many of those in politics. But most of those bullies don’t stab their own candidates in the back. Schmidt is obviously both bully and backstabber, and any Republican now would be a fool to hire him.

The left’s other protagonist in Game Change, Nicole Wallace, makes a shocking confession.

Most haunting of all is the sobbing confession by Sarah Paulson, portraying Nicolle Wallace, revealing that Wallace just couldn’t bring herself to vote for McCain – because of Palin. This was the lowest blow. Could this be true?

Why anyone might find Joe Biden a more reassuring figure than Sarah Palin says more about them than it says about Palin. Biden has been wrong on nearly every major issue, on foreign and domestic policy, across several decades. He is a plagiarist and a fabulist, and arrogant well beyond the range of his accomplishments. He makes Barack Obama look somewhat competent. In her short political career, Sarah Palin accomplished more good than Biden has. Anyone who prefers Biden to her is either blinded by their politics, biased toward east coast accents or something like that, or simply ill-informed. Nicole Wallace has no excuse whatsoever. Any Republican would be a fool to hire her, too, if for no other reason than that she was the person behind the ill-fated Palin interview with Katie Couric. That decision constitutes gross media advance malpractice.


Read the rest. Janine finds something good in the mess that is Game Change.


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