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Gutierrez to GOP Candidates: Oppose 'Chaos' of Alabama Immigration Law

The chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ Task Force on Immigration called on GOP candidates campaigning in Alabama ahead of tomorrow’s primary that state’s anti-illegal-immigration law as “chaos” that undermines national unity.


“Not speaking out against Alabama’s HB56, perhaps the most egregious one so far, sends a clear signal to Latino voters that the GOP is more interested in pandering to the anti-immigrant wing of the party than in leading a nation in need of serious immigration reform,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said in a statement.

Signed in June, the law requires that police should attempt to determine a person’s status if they have reasonable suspicion that he or she is in the United States illegally. It also blocks landlords from renting to illegal immigrants or allowing them to receive public benefits, and includes various work and school prohibitions.

The congressman singled out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for opposing Department of Justice lawsuits that challenge state immigration laws.

“There is a bright line between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to immigration,” Gutierrez said. “Democrats are for policies that promote legal immigration, keep families together, and get more immigrants into the system and on-the-books. Republicans favor severe restrictions on legality that feed the black market and make divisive Alabama-style policies a wedge issue to be used in campaigns.”

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