Alabama Democrats Aren't Fundraising with Bill Maher. They're Just Using His Name and 'Comedy' Tour

Well, will ya look at that? Alabama’s Democrats actually answer their phones once in a while.

“We have not invited him to attend a Democratic Party event, and he is not attending a Democratic party event,” ADP executive director Bradley Davidson told Weld today.

What is happening, then? Bill Maher is on a stand-up comedy tour, and he’s coming to Huntsville’s Von Braun Civic Center theatre as part of that tour (warning: link takes you to Bill Maher’s website, which is just awful). The Alabama Democrats bought a block of tickets to that show and created a package that includes “prime seating” at the Maher show (indicating that these are perhaps the $85 tickets rather than the $55 tickets) and a “Chairman’s Reception” with Alabama Democratic Party chair Judge Mark Kennedy before the show.


So…the Alabama Democrats have branded the event with Bill Maher and slapped an upcharge on the ticket, and wrapped their own Bible quoting party chairman in the event…but Bill Maher has nothing to do with it.

All of which means, the Alabama Democrats approve of Bill Maher’s “comedy” and are fine with him calling Sarah Palin foul, misogynistic names.


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