A Nose Job East of Great Neck

No, this isn’t from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not:

Anwar El Balkimy, a member of Parliament for the Nour Party, underwent a nose job on Feb. 29 in the private Salma Hospital in the posh Cairene district of El Agouza.

He insisted on leaving the clinic, according to its manager, on the same evening the procedure was performed. In so doing he defied their advice that he remain under supervision for another day.

By itself this story would offer little cause for headlines. But Nour just happens to be the party of those ultraconservative Islamists, the salafis, and they explicitly deem plastic surgery as forbidden by religion.

This was probably why he refused to remain bedridden: He was afraid of getting caught.


But what will they say at his Bat Mitzvah?


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