So It's Racist to Chant "USA! USA" at a Basketball Game Now?

Here’s the story:

A Texas high school apologized for some of its students chanting “USA! USA!” after its basketball team beat a rival school in a state playoff game in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday.

Some saw it as a racist insult since the players from the victorious Alamo Heights High School team are mostly white while those from Edison High roster are predominantly Hispanic, according to Other national media outlets such as The Huffington Post have have also picked up the story.


Of course they have, especially the PuffHost. Why any American citizen would take offense at a “USA! USA!” chant is beyond me. Some of the chanters were Hispanic.

In any case, along with arbitrary shifts in the rules, another liberal tactic emerges from this story: The apology not accepted.

Alamo Heights Superintendent Kevin Brown apologized and said students involved in the chanting won’t be allowed to attend the school’s semifinal game Thursday. Some Heights students involved are Hispanic, Brown added.

The apology was not good enough for Gil Garza of the San Antonio Independent School District who filed a complaint with the governing body for Texas public schools on Tuesday, according to paper.

That governing body is the University Interscholastic League, or UIL, which has massive powers over school competitions of all kinds, athletic and academic, across the state. When I was a kid in Texas schools, the UIL was widely feared by teachers and coaches. It still is. The UIL could pound the school’s programs into dust if it feels like it. Invoking the UIL amounts to going nuclear, when an apology has already been offered and the coach halted the chant immediately. One would not be out of line to suspect that the UIL tactic is Mr. Garza’s way of exacting revenge on the other school, just for defeating his.


That’s also what liberals have done in the Rush Limbaugh case: He apologized, liberals rejected that apology, and have gone after his stations and sponsors to silence him, not because his offense deserves that, but because he effectively defeats liberals. The UIL should not allow itself to become a pawn.

Monica Crowley, on Fox earlier, said that this story is evidence of political correctness run amok. She may be on to something.



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