Biden Promises Donors 'Best Ground Game' in Campaign History

Vice President Joe Biden promised Democratic donors at a private fundraiser Wednesday night that they’re paying for what will be “the best ground game in the history of presidential politics.”


Biden made a quick trip to St. Petersburg, Fla., to entertain about 200 donors Renaissance Vinoy Resort. For a cool grand, donors got a photo with the VP. Biden even swapped ties with a donor who admired his red neckwear.

“You’re going to get tired of seeing me, but I promise you I won’t be asking for money every time I come,” the vice president said, noting that much of his campaign time will be spent in Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire.

He also quipped about the Republican nomination battle, according to the White House pool report: “God love them, as my mother would say. I hope they have another 20 debates.”

“I’ve been doing this awhile, and some of you have,” Biden said. “I have never seen a time in my lifetime when Republicans haven’t tried to hide the ball, to use a sports metaphor – when they said they were ‘compassionate conservatives.’ We care about health care. We must preserve Medicare, etc. They’re not hiding the ball any more at all guys. God bless them, they’re saying exactly what they believe. This is going to be the starkest choice the American public is going to make in a long, long time.”


One audience member watching the 30-minute speech shouted, “Joe 2016!”

“Let’s get 2012,” he responded.


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