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The Torch Has Been Passed

A lot has been written about the sad passing of Andrew Breitbart since Thursday. I’ve spent a lot of the time pondering it myself.

There can be no doubt that there are few in the conservative commentary community that can do what Andrew did. He was the kind that comes around all too infrequently, the happy warrior who charged into battle, but who nonetheless had the discipline and intelligence to keep from swinging wildly. He also had a particular genius for finding powerful ways to make his points, which is probably why so many on the left hated him so much that they expressed joy at his death. We may not see his like in our lifetimes, though if we do, we should count it as a blessing.


But that should not stop us from trying. Not every pitcher can do what Nolan Ryan did. Not every hitter can do what Ted Williams did. Not every quarterback can do what Joe Montana did. That doesn’t stop other players from giving their best when they step onto the field. We — whether we write articles or just comments, whether we’re on a big blog or a small one, whether we’re on radio or TV, or just talking to friends and family — may not be able to do what Andrew Breitbart did, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t do the best we can with the talents we’ve been given.

The torch has been passed, and it’s been passed to every single conservative. Will you take up the torch?

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