Only Government Employees Should Carry Guns!!!

When Georgia Judge David Barrett grew frustrated with a witness who suddenly turned hostile, he drew his concealed handgun and offered it to her, telling her she was “killing her case.”


The judge has been reported to the Judicial Qualifications Commission, but the real facts will be ignored as they frame this simply as alleged judicial misconduct.

What would happen if you had done the same thing?

First of all, you’d be violating state, and possibly federal, law banning you from carrying a gun into a courtroom: one or two felony counts there.

Next, you’d be charged with brandishing. Considering the contentious circumstances, this could amount to another felony. Maybe you’d be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, another felony.

Since Barrett is a government employee, he’s allowed by law to carry a concealed handgun into court: Four to five felonies avoided.

Such a double standard is criminal.


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