Romney Spending More Than He's Getting In Donations

Mitt Romney’s campaign, like Washington DC, seems to have decided that they like spending more than they’re taking in:

Romney, who is now fighting off former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.) for the GOP nomination, saw his Romney for President campaign fund take in $6.5 million in January. He started the month with $19.9 million on hand and ended it with $7.7 million in the bank, as expenditures were nearly triple the amount the campaign was able to raise.

Romney for President’s fundraising in January was down nearly $5 million from December’s haul, although the first month in each new quarter has consistently been the lowest of the cycle for the Romney campaign.


Okay, if Romney knows that the first month of each quarter is historically the lowest in donations, why is he spending like a madman in the first month? I thought he was supposed to be some sort of business and management genius.

It looks like Rick Santorum’s fundraising isn’t having the same problem Romney is.

Since the campaign began, Romney has had a huge edge in fundraising over the other Republicans in the race, including Santorum. But Santorum has seen his fundraising take off since his trio of victories two weeks ago in contests in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado.

As I said not quite two weeks ago (emphasis added):

When the NPWs [Non-Political-Wonks] see that, they’ll be more willing to donate to his campaign, to name him as their choice in polls, and it’ll make them that much more willing to vote for him in their state’s primary.

So, at least on fundraising, it looks like Santorum is on the upswing and Romney is on the downswing, and that’s a good thing for those of us who don’t trust a guy who told NARAL he’d be moderate on abortion, and proclaimed that he didn’t want to return to the policies of Reagan (see about 1:10 in on the video in that post).



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