In Obama's America, It Costs More to Bring Home the Bacon

Gas prices aren’t the only prices to have skyrocketed in Barack Obama’s America. Disrupt the Narrative takes a look at price trends across several staples that Americans buy to get by. Here are a few:


The price of sugar: UP

The price of ground beef: UP

Now we’re getting into dangerous territory. The price of coffee: UP

And maybe the most offensive price spike of them all. The price of bacon: UP

Look, I’ve had the bacon shake at Jack in the Box. It’s no substitute for the real thing, and the charts don’t lie: In Obama’s America, you’re paying more for your real bacon and your morning wake-me-up too.

It’s fair to consider what might be causing so many staple prices to rise so dramatically over the three plus years that Obama has been in office — storms and weather effects on supply, instability in our own economy and in international markets and so forth — but the rise in the price of gasoline seems to track pretty well with the rise in the price of bacon and other essentials (yes, bacon is an essential). Two of the president’s more visible policies contribute to the rise in oil prices.

It’s gets tiresome pointing this next bit out, but that doesn’t make it any less true. If Obama were a Republican president, and Americans faced this kind of wallet slaughter at the local HEB under that Republican president’s watch, the mainstream media would be having a ball with the story. We would get treated to a daily barrage of “Here’s another thing you can’t afford” tales of woe from the heartland. Today it would be bacon, tomorrow it could be coffee, then they would move on to the burger and the box of cereal so that by the time the stories have all run you feel like you’ve gone into hock just to put ham and eggs on the table. Which, in Obama’s America, isn’t far from the truth. Then, the MSM would tie all of these price hikes back to two things: The oil drilling permitorium and the scuttling of the XL pipeline. They wouldn’t tie those stories to the Republican president out of love for oil, but in an effort to paint the president behind both of those decisions as the out-of-touch cause of your dinner table anxiety.


But by and large we’re not hearing those stories. The media that largely invented the “misery index” to describe Jimmy Carter’s awfulness has apparently uninvented it to help hide the connection between Barack Obama’s policies and the way your money just keeps sprouting wings and flying away.


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