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Egypt's 'Gassed' Dogs

This picture has appeared on several Arabic websites. Based on the caption that accompanies it, these dogs appear to be victims of the teargas the Egyptian military has been using against protesters. The caption reads: “Stray dogs passed out all over the streets from the effects of the teargas [or literally, “gas-bombs”] thrown at protesters. Despite being used to living around refuse, streets, car exhausts, etc., these dogs passed out from the lethal gas. What about humans?”

Incidentally, there is no surprise that the dogs have been left like vermin on the streets: deemed najis, or unclean, dogs are outcasts in Muslim societies. As one anti-dog fatwa concludes: “We must ensure that Muslims continue to be averse to dogs, even in the midst of what the kuffaar [i.e., Western infidels] are used to do and what some Muslims have adopted of their habits.”