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Two Ears and One Mouth For a Reason

VDH took a look last night and analyzed the situation with calm reflection as he always does: How To Make a Bad Night Worse.

Essentially, VDH says Gingrich is at his best when he spent “about three minutes of inspired moments about issues and ideas in his usual imaginative and intellectually robust style.”


However, as every thinking person can see…Newtrino has devolved into “little more than a litany of excuses, whining, and accusations — characterized by stream-of-conscious confessionals and rambling repetitions. And, I think, will hurt him more than anything yet in the campaign.”

It’s a turnoff of epic proportions. The candidacy that was once easily titled “Great Expectations” has now become “Great Expectorations” as he spits out a mouthful of venom at Romney and barely addresses key issues that matter to the country…you know, the place he says he wants to serve.

Worse news on a harsh night, Sheldon Adelson (according the the Daily Duranty…so take this for what it’s worth), would gladly back Romney the minute Newtrino implodes for good. He does NOT harbor anti-Romney sentiments, unlike much of his very rabid support.

One point worth noting in the Daily Duranty article…something I have been pondering…where are Newtrino’s advisors and campaign staff as he slides deeper and deeper into this stalker obsession?

Mr. Gingrich, whose campaign treasury is severely depleted, is being advised by his inner circle to spend the weeks leading up to Super Tuesday on March 6 resting up, getting Mr. Romney’s attacks out of his head and recalibrating his campaign message to highlight his positive ideas.


The Newtonian Implosion was bound to happen. It was just a matter of when. In this primary, it has happened repeatedly. His entire campaign staff walked out on him, he had some memorable moments in debates…mostly on issues related to leftist media…and now he has dragged his campaign down yet again.

Most of what remains of his support comes from the severely undereducated, the severely unsuccessful and the angry, frustrated, all emotion/all the time voter.

He is losing everyone else in droves. And handing the nomination to Romney.

Romney is tone deaf and Gingrich won’t listen.

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