Obama Romney Told Catholic Doctors to Violate Their Religious Beliefs

While the Catholic Church is righteously angered by President Obama’s refusal to keep the promises he made at Notre Dame or more recently by the new rules in Obama’s signature health care reforms that would force “Catholic universities, hospitals, and charities to provide insurance for their employees covering contraception — even though that violates church teachings,” they can take some solace in the fact they have a Republican alternative that will be more respectful of their religious beliefs.



A defining moment in Mitt Romney’s post-pro-life-conversion political career came in his third year as governor of Massachusetts, when he decided Catholic hospitals would be required under his interpretation of a new state law to give rape victims a drug that can induce abortions.

Romney announced this decision — saying it was the “right thing for hospitals” to do — just two days after he had taken the opposite position.


I’m sure today’s version of Romney would not tell Catholic doctors and health care professionals to violate their conscience, especially with the Catholic vote possibly up for grabs, but it does reinforce something said by George Soros recently.

If it comes to Obama and Romney, there really isn’t much difference.




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