Cartoon at Cincinnati Dems' Website: GOP 'Protecting America's Voting Whites'

This cartoon has been on the home page of the Hamilton County Democratic Party (county seat: Cincinnati) for some time (HT The Daily Bellwether):


It was originally created in early January by Steve Greenberg, a Los Angeles freelancer.


I don’t really have a lot to say which hasn’t been said before about who the real racists are (Hint: It’s the people who think minorities aren’t smart enough to get, carry, and show photo ID), or how easy it is for someone to vote when there is no voter-ID requirement (see James O’Keefe).

But I will add a Buckeye State-specific point.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who among other things represented districts both as a state rep and a state senator in which he did not live before achieving higher office thanks largely to shameless state Republican Party cronyism, campaigned in the 2010 GOP primary as an advocate of voter ID and a fierce opponent of ACORN. In the general election campaign, that strident advocacy suddenly disappeared from his web site.

Shortly after taking office in 2011, Husted, who appears to have aspirations to become Ohio’s next governor, made a move apparently designed to make himself look better to Democrats and moderates when he announced that he opposes a voter-ID requirement in the Buckeye State. Now there isn’t one.

In light of the cartoon above, it’s worth asking: “How’s that appeasement workin’ out for you, Jon?”


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