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Fox Poll: Romney in Dead Heat with Obama

You know who this helps? Yeah, it helps Romney.

In a potential Obama-Romney election, 46 percent of voters would back Obama and 45 percent Romney if the election were held today. The president’s narrow advantage is well within the poll’s three percentage-point margin of sampling error.

And behind those numbers is a striking contrast: 74 percent of Obama backers say they are voting “for” him rather than “against Romney” (21 percent). Yet for Romney, his support is mainly anti-Obama. Fifty-eight percent of Romney voters say they would be voting “against Obama” rather than “for Romney” (33 percent).

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Each candidate receives strong backing from their party faithful. Eighty-eight percent of Democrats back Obama, and 86 percent of Republicans support Romney.

Independents break for Romney by 43-38 percent.

Obama is two points underwater in approval – 45-47 in this poll of likely voters. No one does as well against the president as Romney does at this point; the president is several points up on all of the other challengers. The poll’s margin of error is 3 points.