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McCain: Obama's 'Recess' Appointments are an 'Absolute Abuse of Power'

There is resistance to Obama’s power grab on the Hill. Sen. John McCain is blasting away:

“Arrogance of power, abuse of power,” McCain said.

The NLRB “made a judgment that Boeing could not set up a factory in South Carolina because the fact that South Carolina is a right-to-work state,” McCain said. He called it “one of the most disgraceful decisions in history — outrageous.”

Republican lawmakers have been infuriated by the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing last year for allegedly retaliating against union workers in Washington state by moving a large portion of production to South Carolina. The labor board dropped its case against Boeing in December, appearing to bow to political pressure.

In a Wednesday speech in Ohio, Obama contended that he had an obligation to staff the agencies because Congress had refused to act.

“The American people deserve to have qualified public servants fighting for them every day — whether it is to enforce new consumer protections or uphold the rights of working Americans,” Obama said in a statement.

McCain also accused Obama of appointing “far, far left” people to the labor board.

“[That is ] another reason why the president of the United States should not serve another term,” he said.

Video at the link. McCain’s remarks are a sign that Mitt Romney may turn the president’s “recess” appointments into a campaign issue going forward. If they do, they will have to be careful and it would be useful to bring up all of Obama’s promises to lead the most transparent government in history, and to work in uses of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” rhetoric from 2008. They should point out that his idea of “fundamental transformation” is leading to unbridled presidential power crossing the line into illegality. Use Obama’s own words against him. Contrast “hope and change” with “power mad.”

Republicans also need to work on swing state Democrats in the Senate. Several have already shown the willingness to distance themselves from Obama on his use of the regulatory state; these appointments empower the regulatory state in a big way.

The RNC should also withhold funds from Sen. Scott Brown’s re-election campaign until he recants his support for Obama’s “recess” appointment of Richard Cordray.