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Government: ‘You’re Obligated to Pay Taxes, We’re Not Obligated to Provide Services’

Mike McDaniel wrote an excellent piece explaining why the police aren’t obligated to protect you. Yes, it’s true, as he explains by citing the Supreme Court decision in Castle Rock v. Gonzales.

When discussing Second Amendment rights and the civil right of self-defense, this is a vital point to hammer home over and over, because those who claim we should disarm and call the police will have no defense against reality. (Assuming they’re interested in reality, which isn’t always the case with ideologues.)

You may also find DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services very interesting. The Supreme Court extended longstanding precedent affirmed in Castle Rock v. Gonzales to include any government agency that exists on our tax dollars. In this case:

“Petitioner is a child who was subjected to a series of beatings by his father, with whom he lived. Respondents, a county department of social services and several of its social workers, received complaints that petitioner was being abused by his father, and took various steps to protect him; they did not, however, act to remove petitioner from his father’s custody. Petitioner’s father finally beat him so severely that he suffered permanent brain damage, and was rendered profoundly retarded.”

As with Castle Rock, the lower courts ruled for the victim/plaintiff, but the Supreme Court reversed the decision, ruling in favor of the government agency/defendant. Fancy that, a government agency (Supreme Court) ruling in favor of a government agency!

Here’s reality again, for those who can handle it: We are required by law to pay taxes to support all these bureaucracies, but they are not obligated to provided the services we pay for.

Who are the winners and losers in this game?