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Perjury at the DOJ

Hans von Spakovsky has the details at PJ Media.

I have the featured post at Breitart’s Bigs – “Breaking: Confessions of Perjury Inside the DOJ.”

There is also this PJ Rule of Law posting on the same that reveals a common dishonest theme in the New Black Panther dismissal and the Fast and Furious scandal – misleading Congress:

Assistant Attorney General Ron Weich also contributes to the problem at DOJ. He authored a letter to Congress about Fast and Furious which was false.  Weich previously submitted another false letter to Congress on July 13, 2009, regarding the dismissal of the New Black Panther case. In it, he told Congress that the voter intimidation case against one Panther had been dismissed because the defendant “was a resident of the apartment building where the polling place was located.” That was blatantly false.  The Panther in question did not live in the building. As in Fast and Furious, the Weich letter had to be retracted because Weich didn’t tell Congress the truth.

People too often focus on Eric Holder and fail to realize the conduct of his confederates is worse in some cases.  Weich can be and must be a focus of the Fast and Furious investigation.  So too should be Gary Grindler, Lanny Breuer, and frankly, so should the Press Harpy Tracy Schmaler at the Office of Public Affairs who has spearheaded the dishonest public response to the growing scandal.  Schmaler is the witchy head of public affairs for Holder who screams at reporters and issues campaign style press statements unbecoming of the United States Justice Department.  (See eg., “Progressive”).  Schmaler speaks and screams like she is still back in Vermont shilling for hyper-partisan Senator Pat Leahy instead of representing the Justice Department.  Democrats hauled Ron Ziegler before Congress to testify about his lies numerous times.  It’s time the GOP return the favor for Schmaler.