Glenn Beck: I'd Consider Voting Third Party for Ron Paul if Gingrich is the Nominee

Last week, Glenn Beck threw down the race card against Newt Gingrich and anyone who would support him over Obama. Beck doubled down during his radio show today, declaring that he would vote for Ron Paul if Gingrich wins the GOP nomination and Paul runs third party.


Beck notes that he hates Paul’s Middle East policies but, gun to his head, he would consider Paul over the “progressives” Romney and Gingrich. There’s much more about Paul to oppose than just his MidEast policies, particularly for someone like Beck who has done so much to promote “9-12” thinking on terrorism. Ron Paul is a Truther. His 1990s newsletters run straight off into racism and anti-Semitism. The only thing a Paul third-party candidacy would do is re-elect Barack Obama. And if Paul thinks he may have someone of Beck’s influence behind him, he’s that much more likely to bolt once the GOP nomination goes to someone else.

Glenn Beck is playing with fire.

h/t Ace


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