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A Kennedy May Run for Barney Frank's House Seat

Imagine that. The slack-jawed liberals in Taxachusetts will probably vote him right on in.

A scion of the famed Kennedy clan, Joseph P. Kennedy III, an assistant district attorney in Middlesex County, said he will consider running for US Representative Barney Frank’s congressional seat next year.

Kennedy, a Democrat,

Gee, there’s a surprise.

told the Globe yesterday, “I haven’t had an opportunity to give it a whole lot of thought, but I will give it some thought in the coming days and weeks.’’

Kennedy, 31, the son of former US representative Joseph P. Kennedy II, does not live in the Fourth Congressional District, but residency is not required to run for the office.

And going by the evidence proffered by that district over the past 31 years, sentience isn’t required to vote.

Take the name “Kennedy” out of the following and give this next section a read.

Since moving from the the Cape and Islands district attorney’s office to the Middlesex prosecutor’s office in September, Kennedy said he has been living with his father in Brighton and his mother in Cambridge.

Kennedy said he loves his job as a prosecutor and considers it a fulfillment of the family’s long commitment to public service.

If he were to run, he would not be the first Kennedy to take a new address to run for Congress. His father moved into the Eighth District from Marshfield when Thomas P. “Tip’’ O’Neill Jr. announced he would give up the seat in 1986.

His great-uncle, John F. Kennedy, moved to Beacon Hill to run for Congress in 1946, and his uncle, Max Kennedy, bought a house in West Roxbury, intending to run in 2001 for the late J. Joseph Moakley’s congressional seat, but he withdrew from the race. His great-great grandfather, John F. “Honey Fitz’’ Fitzgerald, was elected to represent a Boston-based district while maintaining a home in Concord.

If he wasn’t a Kennedy, he would be a 31-year-old who got his job through family connections still lives with his mom and dad. And his family would be nothing but a bunch of slithery carpetbaggers who gamed the system to amass power and get themselves on the government dole.

That, friends, is the Kennedy clan. Massachusetts, you’re welcome to them provided you can contain the damage they do (you can’t if they’re in Washington). But don’t lecture us southerners on, well, anything.