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Climate Madness Continues in Durban Despite New Emails

Durban, South Africa – that city which in 2001 distinguished itself with a festival of the most rancid anti-Semitism – is now host to yet another noxious event, this time in realm of climate. Chris Huhne – the current UK Secretary for Energy and Climate Change [sic] – is urging further international restrictions while attacking climate skeptic Lord Lawson in an open letter. (Neither Huhne nor Lawson is a scientist. Both have their Oxford degrees in the far less challenging area of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.)

This is all against the background of the dump of yet another round of embarrassing emails from and to the climate scientists who seem considerably more bent on self-preservation than the advancement of truth.

The casualty here, of course, is science itself, which has become politicized both on the small academic scale and on the grand scale of profiteers setting up billion-dollar carbon exchanges and such. But look on the bright side: it’s provided a much bigger share for Tipper Gore in her divorce settlement.

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