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The Gun Control Formula Narrows Your Healthcare Options

After canvassing local chain drug and grocery stores, we’ve found out that you can no longer buy iodine to treat small cuts and skin abrasions. The reason is that meth dealers use it to make their product. This ban is a fairly recent development.

A law abiding citizen can’t perform simple first aid at home because somebody else might use the product illegally. Same for decongestants, but at least I was able to buy them after registering at the pharmacy desk.

So we have registration and confiscation, all in the name of the war on drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)–part of Holder’s Department of Justice–had a budget of $2B this fiscal year, down from a high of $2.6B in 2009. But it’s still 31 times the original 1972 budget.

Don’t you feel much safer?