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Palestinians Wave White Flag on Recognition from UN Agencies

From Jonathan S. Tobin at Contentions:

Earlier today I noted that the diplomatic “tsunami” that was supposed to engulf Israel as a result of the Palestinian drive to get the United Nations to recognize their independence without first making peace with Israel was fizzling out. They have failed to get the requisite nine votes on the UN Security Council that would even force the United States to veto their request. And now they have waved the white flag on another diplomatic front only days after they won their only success in this campaign.

On Monday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted to admit “Palestine” as a member state. But rather than follow up on this victory, the Palestinians have indicated that they will not try to win the same recognition from other UN agencies as they had promised earlier in the week. After the Obama administration was forced to obey U.S. law and revoke funding to UNESCO, the Palestinians got a loud message from the rest of the international community: back off.