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"Excrement, urine, vomit and tampons" mark new site of Occupy SF

Don’t take my word for it — take the word of the San Francisco Health Department:

The camp at Occupy San Francisco is an imminent hazard to health, the city’s public health department told demonstrators late Tuesday.

Evidence of excrement, urine and vomit were observed throughout the park,” the department said in a notice. “Fecal material was observed on stairs and grass. A container of human waste was observed along the Embarcadero side of the park.”

Several piles of vomit were observed along the Embarcadero side of the park,” the notice read. “Pile of feces and tampons found at a nearby pathway. Flies and urine observed along pathway.”

The health notice and a separate order from police to leave the park may be a sign that the city is laying the groundwork to clear out the park.

Some of the protesters try to downplay the problem by pointing out that San Francisco is always this gross, but the city officials aren’t buying it. Expect a clean-up operation soon, now that the Oakland city government has broken the ice.