Is the Washington Post the Most Ridiculously Biased Major Paper in America?

That’s not an easy question to answer, at least not in the Post’s favor. On any given day, there tends to be more naked bias and leftwing pap on display in the coastal Times, Los Angeles and New York. But consider: In the span of a couple of weeks, the Washington Post has launched two tissue paper thin character attacks on two conservative Republicans. One of them is currently running for the presidency, while the other is a few years younger and looks every inch a future Republican president. Both character hits are based on next to nothing — the Post went flipping rocks in West Texas to generate a hit on Rick Perry, and then today, more or less went into Marco Rubio’s family album to generate an attack on him. And about that second hit — the Miami Herald is calling the Washington Post out for embellishing its own story accusing Rubio of embellishing his history. When your bias is showing so badly that other MSM outlets take a swing at you, you might have a problem.


I know we all probably can make a good case for our hometown paper being the liar of record. Feel free to make that case in the comments — it can be cathartic. I could drop a few dimes on the last couple of hometown papers I’ve dealt with myself. But the lengths to which the Washington Post has gone to roll out these two attacks on Republicans make a pretty good case that it’s the most overtly biased paper in the country.




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