PJMorning Report - October 19

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Good morning!  It’s Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here are some of the key news developments this morning:


An emaciated and frail Gilad Shalit emerges from a Hamas prison basement. Few in the West decry Hamas’ mistreatment of  the Israeli soldier. Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners arrive in Gaza to a hero’s welcome.

President Obama promises officials behind the scandalous Fast and Furious gun program “will be held accountable.” Obama speaks about it for the first time only hours after the Senate unanimously votes to ban future undercover operations. Is the president letting AG Holder swing in the wind?

Political Fight Night in Vegas.  Romney still looks like The King and Perry gets better but is booed. President Obama was mentioned only in passing.

Perry parrots Boston Globe allegations about Romney hiring illegal aliens. The jury is still out on the account. But do you know who works for your lawn care service?

Cain tells PJTV he “misspoke” about releasing Gitmo prisoners for one American prisoner. He says he would not release Gitmo terrorists. “My bad,” he tells PJTV’s Alexis Garcia. 

Apple disappoints the street in earnings. The company shows it may be human too.

Goldman Sachs follows JP Morgan on losses. Why is it beginning to feel like 2008 all over again?

Moody’s downgrade Spain and warns France its credit rating is at risk. New pressures on EU leaders. 

Secretary Clinton makes a surprise visit to Libya. NATO is still clueless about Qaddafi’s whereabouts.


President refuses to meet with Occupy Greenboro, NC when he traveled there on his bus tour. He turned down their request for a meeting.

A Democratic pollster reports 1 in 3 OWS protesters supports violence. Doug Schoen says they are an “unrepresentative segment of the electorate.”

Rep. Barney Frank: one of few Democrats to openly scorn OWS. He calls them out for “incoherence.”

New Fear report: climate change will threaten our global coffee supplyEnviros warn climate changes could affect Ghana and the Ivory Coast coffee farmers by 2050. They are mum about the rest of the world’s coffee farms. You can still sip your coffee in peace.

Front page WaPo defends the Teleprompter — and Obama. The Post argues back:”Republicans use it too!” The paper looks silly.

DNC today actually celebrates the third anniversary of Obama record-breaking $150 million fundraising haul for September 2008. For Dems it’s all about the money. The “good government” types are still trying to figure out how they got snookered by the first modern President to opt out of public financing. 

NBA talks go nowhere after 16 hour negotiating sessions. It’s the 110th day of the lockout.




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