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Perfect: Obama Embracing #Occupy Protesters Who Sing 'F*** the USA'


President Obama is paying close attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement – and has said he sympathizes with protesters’ broad grievances – but for the first time a White House official has publicly touted the movement’s “99 percent” slogan.

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, in a Sunday conference call briefing to outline details of Obama’s three-day bus trip to North Carolina and Virginia, was asked if the president intended to address the growing protests that have sprouted up throughout the country and some cities in western Europe.

Earnest told scribes to stay tuned, adding that it was possible Obama would talk about the movement specifically but that he would acknowledge the “frustrations” of middle and working-class people who feel the rich haven’t paid their fair share – or been penalized for the excesses that led to the financial crisis.
The president, he said, will make sure “the interests of the 99 percent of Americans. are well-represented on the tour,” the first reference I can find in which an Obama staffer specifically repeated the mantra.

Since the president’s comms team is now embracing and imitating the occupiers’ rhetoric, here’s a lovely song we might expect the administration to start singing.

STRONG language warning.

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